Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Palindromic Entertainers

I'm not sure which of these entertainers were cloned from which. Certainly it does demonstrate that talent isn't diluted with successive cloning. Its true, I don't have any genetic proof of this experiment, It came to me in a flash while waiting for the curteous and incompetant coffee droid at the coffee shop to pour me a simple cup of said drink

Also included for your perusal is my new favorite latin palindrome:
I will measure off the raft; she, mistress of the area, shall grind.

If there is a better example of an erotic latin palindrome, I'd love to see it!


Anonymous said...

Thus came Mysinger, the sea rover, and plundered the land, which he robbed of its vast treasures. The ships were heavily loaded thereafter, and Mysinger took with him the wondrous mill and the giant maids who turned it.

Then the sea rover set the slaves to grind salt, because there was none in the ships. As he bade them, so did they do. When night fell they asked him if they had ground sufficient for his needs; but he was no wiser than Frode, and commanded them to cease not their labours. So Fenja and Menja ground on until the ship was so full of salt that it sank into the deep.

From that day the giant maids have continued to grind the mill, for there is no one to bid them to take rest. On the sea bottom are they ever turning the stones. At the spot where they work is the great Maelstrom, a name which signifies "the grinding stream".

Anonymous said...

Ever since he was a boy growing up on the plains of Kansas, young Robert was enchanted by stories of the sea and sunken treasure. The fabled Norse myth appealed to his sense of awe and even fear of the mysteries of the deep dark abyss of the sea.

And so it was that young Robert chose the sea as his course of study becoming an acclaimed academic in oceanographic studies.

Dr. Robert Ballard gained international fame as an explorer of undersea life, conditions and ocean wrecks discovering, amazingly, the Titanic, the Bismark and PT 109. His explorations of the Black Sea bed confirmed that it was once a vast plain supporting human settlements until the Bosporus collapse which inundated the area in a deluge of biblical proportions.

Dr. Ballard continues to make voyages to the North Sea where, donning his wet suit, and boarding mini subs, zodiacs and dangling various instruments overboard, continues to make "measurements off the raft" a term referring to the use of self contained submersible instruments for measuring ocean temperatures, currents and salinity.

As arctic glaciers melt at an advanced rate, the colder denser water or Menjan current of the north rushes at advanced speeds towards the weakening warmer surface waters of the Gulf Stream or Fenjan current. Their violent convergence at the Great Maelstrom is where "the mistresses grind" as science meets myth.

As it appears that Menja will be triumphant over Fenja, so it appears that the the day the maidens stop grinding will portend a calamity for the land of Odin.

Cheers and Good Mental Health