Thursday, March 23, 2006

QE 16

Tom: There's talk goin round town that you quit your blog
Dave: Is that the hot tip that brought you boys up here at this ungodly hour?
Tom: If you say it aint so then you're a liar and I'm callin you one
Dave: You aint tryin to strong-arm me are ya Tom?
Tom: Don't be a sap Dave, make an entry. Play ball or shine my shoes. If you're in, then you're in, if you're out, you're all the way out. Hey McGrady, see that no unfortunate accident befalls our dear friend here.

QE 16
It was an enjoyable QNY though perhaps a little muted this year I thought. Upon digging into the archives though, I discovered that back on QNY 2 we chose a common enemy. I rather fancied this notion even if I don't recall that outcome. In the sprit of this I decided that for this year I would chose an enemy and an ally. Without thinking about it too much, I chose as an ally Perserverence. The benefits of this are many, but not the least is that I no longer must parcel out a finite reserve of perserverence, but instead, because it is my Ally, I can rely upon it as I would an undefeatable associate. As far as my enemy for the year, after reading Captain Orange's pick Free Culture, I have chosen the RIAA and the MPAA. Their sins are ruthlessness and greed beyond the pale of acceptable conduct even by the low standard of business ethics. It will be a while I'm sure before they realize that they have aquired a new enemy, so I must use this time wisely.