Thursday, December 04, 2008

Prorogies and sausage

Convergence of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon from the other night made me giggle. What influence might this have on our parliamentary problems?
To find out, I searched "convergence" and came up with the following taken from the
Energy Activations website:

Fragmented off from the
GATHERING OF THE ONE, Our highest level of vibration, these two "chips off the old block" have been assigned the task of exploring every possible/probable manifestation of "somethingness" and "nothingness" which is, was, or ever could be. Although their explorations are infinite, the Oneself has stipulated it (as in a court of law)......unto completion, and has initiated the Reconnection to Oneness on our planet.

These two archetypal "Gods" (if you will) are programmed to stay separate, but intertwined from infinity past to infinity future. But in 1987, the "brothers" (who we shall call "Theos and Chaos") entered into each others' Being for the first time since the start of The Grand Game. They began to CONVERGE...each began infusing the other with all the power and wisdom they had gained in their explorations.

This Convergence began a chain-reaction in the entire universal structure--initiating a collapse of the polarity format and the creation of an entirely New Paradigm for living. Global Transmutation began, with all its shifts, changes, and inner challenges. Though great change has already occurred as a result of this collapse, we not completely lose our involvement with polarity. We are simply moving to a new and more exciting level of the Game!


I guess even a broken watch tells the correct time twice a day!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Anger Management

I've been more angry this week than usual. My usually benign liberal party has betrayed me and turned into a party of retards handing the keys of power over to separatists and ideologues. That's probably going to create some economic stability which was their reason for ousting the minority government?!

And so to combat my stress over the continued demise of reason in this country, I'm turning off the news and looking at fine art. One of my favorites, Dutch master, Vermeer: Ahhhhhhhhhhh.......