Friday, April 28, 2006

the acute stage

bust -v.- perform, do. (EX: "Bust a rhyme" = "Rapping a rhyme", while "Bust a move" = "Make a move/perform a move")
busted -adj.- ugly, caught doing a crime. {EX: "Yo' girl is BUSTED!")
cap - n.- bullet (EX: "I'ma bust a cap in yo' ass." = "I will shoot you.")
capped -v.- shot.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I did some touring around on google maps looking for shots of where I'll be this summer. If you're looking for me, I'll be somewhere in this patchwork of clearcuts. On the extreme right edge in the center is an elongated patch of light green where the river valley widens. My tent will be there.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A lovely day for topography

Calgary and back (Now with 80% less Mind & Spirit!)

Went to Calgary to help Suzanne find an apartment in the tightest rental market in Canada. Most every viewing we went to was peopled with other stressed out potential renters. Though I must admit, much like how bears co-operate when feeding on salmon, it was fairly civilized when it could have been much more cut-throat.

This is a bookstore in Calgary, I know it looks like some weird advertisement for ING Direct.

Enjoyed some fine sushi at the Sumo Lounge, watched the excitement level build on the so called "red mile" for the Flames game that evening, and even found some time to do some breakdancing in the country as the picture will attest to.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ski trip

Just returned from a week of skiing in the Kootenays. The snow was quite relentless and the terrain was unbelievable! Red Mountain has very few actual runs, instead, the trees have been thinned a little allowing one to ski pretty much anywhere. Having some local guides was quite crucial as rockfaces abound. Without judicious route planing one can easily find themselves peering over the edge of 20-foot cliffs or 70 degree slope faces! The lack of resort facilities and extremely difficult terrain has nearly eliminated tourists which allows one fresh powder almost constantly, truly the shangri-la of skiing! Went to Nelson and managed with some local connections to get tickets to the long sold out Kid Koala concert! This Nija Tunes artist put on a turntable clinic and left all exhausted and utterly satiated. A few more days of skiing and some high-stress table hockey at night capped off a trip that my legs will be sore over for another week at least! I'm hobbling around like a ninety-year old arthritis victim!