Friday, September 29, 2006

The Trouble with Physics

I've been reading Lee Smolin's The Trouble with Physics this week.So far it has borne much fruit. His background is in quantum gravity so Van Flandern fans will find his thoughts illuminating. In addition, his disection of the many iterations of string theory is very reassuring to those who find string theory as ridiculous as it is elegant.

Been out to the mountains a few times for distracting walks. Last Sunday we went out

to Yoho at the height of the autumn colors. We were transfixed at Takakaw falls watching several climbers scale the cliff face beside the waterfall.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Daviditron: Apply directly to the forehead

As Thanksgiving approaches, I find myself getting in the spirit by awaiting a similar carving. The results of my tests revealed a myriad of undisplaced tears and a paralabral cyst encrusting the shoulder joint. So like many Tom turkeys I will be sitting on a white table while a man holds a sharp knife with a serious look on his face.

Speaking of bone cracking and carving, went to The Protector this eve, a pretty fun Thai martial arts explosion. Some nice camerawork and over the top choreography with complimentary ludacris dialogue

A movie really worth talking about is Brick. Essential a Dasheill Hammet script manifesting itself in teen suburbia. The dialogue is hyper-fast with an amusing mixture of noir 40's slang and teen pop-unacular. And while Im making up words, Im excising the word "business" and replacing it with the more apt "busy". So now more descriptively, I live a ten minute walk from the busy-district. I read the busy-news and don't own a very nice looking busy-suit.

Speaking of life in the busy district, Calgary certainly isn't living up to my prejudices. Upon retuning here last week, I thought I would count the number of strangers that said "hello" to me. From Monday to Friday I got exactly 5 hellos which is pretty good considering I was only mixing in the public realm for the 8 blocks to the coffeeshop and newsstand and back home. That's pretty good for soul-less ol Busytown. Its true, there are heaps of people busy making money and perhaps less interested in the good. But as a borderline misanthrope, I'm indifferent to most everyone anyway. The small percentile of people I resonate with remains the same wherever I am so the mode personality type isn't something that really affects me.

That being said, you definitely know your in Busytown (if you feel like punishing yourself) if you read the editorial page. Free enterprise and individual rights trump every consideration. They are the twin pillars that prevent serious consideration of all ideas. There are few nuanced versions of the good when monolithic principles dominate discourse as it does here. Luckily, ideas hardly matter anymore as pundits and scholars fight battles that take up less room in the collective unconscious as a headache commercial.