Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Folly and Hubris: An ill Wind Blows

The Globe and Mail (Toronto's national newspaper) devoted its weekend edition to global climate change declaring that 4 out of 5 Canadians have experienced the effects of climate change. I am constrained to point out that they certainly think they have. To make such a claim is to claim that the weather they experience is not part of the normal tempestuary deviation that is Canadian weather. I rather like that word I just invented: Tempestuary. It sounds like a reeking mud flat that a low tide would reveal in all its rotting-kelp glory.
In any case, the fact that the population now believes in climate change is a familiar disturbance. If they now believe it because they feel they have experienced it, then they are right- but for the wrong reasons. This phenomenon has ceased to amaze me yet its triteness does nothing to assuage my fear of my fellow townsfolk. Being incidentally right for the wrong reasons is perhaps the best I can hope for. But what folly and mischief this has caused in the past.

Did anyone else feel bloated this week? I was feeling positively rotund until I learned the cause. Last week the Chinese successfully shot down a test satellite. That extra gravity of a profound shift in the zero-sum game of military brinkmanship is what we all felt. The entire US military is routed, connected, synchronized and de-ionized by satellites that are now rendered obsolete (truthfully,the US military is de-ionized by their military issue Q-Ray bracelets.) It made for a good laugh when just days later, the US military announced it had successfully shot down a missile. Those in the know will tell you that the missile defense system really doesn't work at all but for p.r. purposes they had to appear to be on top of things. It makes no difference whether any of this is true or not. It just entertains me that the military power seems to be assayed by its high tech marvels. Watch any testosterone sponsored show on the History channel that showcases the latest US hardware and it becomes tragic comedy when you know that this high tech juggernaut is being defeated by stone knives, bearskins, and the cold heart that kills. Indeed this is a graven image.
If military hubris has become America's false god, then I shall melt this golden calf by watching American Idol tonight at 9pm. For I am a jealous God!


CaptainOrange said...

I was all excited for you. I thought that with your own invented word under your belt -- and one that could be so heavily used here in the wastes -- a quick trip to the patent office would set you up for life. So far the dictionaries look clear and the only prior art that Google comes up with is more than a hundred years old!

The Commisioner and McKay said...

That is a good word. Ranks right up there with "discontemporal" and "ipruca".

Climate change is self evident. Unless one lives in a cave or at the bottom of the sa where the daily temperature does not change more than a quarter of a degree, I cannot think of any place that does not experience climate change on an hourly basis.

Cheers and Good Mental Health and Damn the Bishop of Worchester.

and then the_doctor said...

Please dare not compare the curt and brutish "tempestuary" with delicate and fair "ipruca" To hear those words together is as incongruous as an angel vomiting bourbon soaked nachos.

The Commisioner and McKay said...

Today, I had a long day. Some fool decided we should keep ducks and I was up at a highly uncivilized hour dealing with their issues. Then I had to drive to Roma and back on business, enough to put me in a very foul mood by itself.

And then I read about your puking angels. And I ROAR with delight!

I do apologize for the frequent raids on your site without offering any reparations in kind at my own. I understand some rogue elements under my authority have also begun hectoring your good lady as well. I shall summon these brigands, pay them, send them home to their families and construct a redoubt for your enjoyment and approval. Like Alexanders' infantry upon reaching the Indus, they deserve a rest.

Cheers and Good Mental Health

Avenge Hypatia

rainswept said...

Did anyone else feel bloated this week? I was feeling positively rotund until I learned the cause. Last week the Chinese successfully shot down a test satellite.

Shows me ... I assumed that the cause of my bloating was global warming. It would have made sense, nature being the perfect book-keeper, as I had recently heard news that my co-workers and I were receiving a global-warming increase to our wages.

Which reminds me of a joke:

Two guys walk into a bar and global warming.