Thursday, January 25, 2007


I've christened beta blogger with a header of the lovely chinook arch that brought the warm winds of the same name to our fair city this week. The temperature rose about 20 degrees celsius for a good chunk of the week which makes a welcome repite from the deathscape of winter. Most impressive of all is the so-called "chinook arch" which is pictured above. Its rather other-worldly as though the fingertips of spring are peeling back winter as a curious prank. A sheet of clouds hangs from its skyhooks and a tempting sliver arch of blue leers over the mountains grinning. Its enough to make you weep you know not why.


starcat said...

Chinook arches are nice and all,
but it really is hard to take enthusiasm for Calgary seriously.

and then the_doctor said...

You read between the lines I think Mr Starcat. Let us not confuse my enthusiasm for weather with where the weather is happening! Although perhaps you interpret my flashy Calgary pic as some sort of psychosomatic therapy.