Friday, January 12, 2007

Health Plans v Scary Think Tanks

I don't know what it is about Ultra right wing think tanks but they really have a penchant for touchy feely names. And so my first reader challenge of the year is to guess which of these logos are health plans and which are think tanks. I regret that I can't link you to any of these because frankly I will not be responsible for giving them link traffic. But if you're in the "right" frame of mind, it can be good for a laugh.

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Anonymous said...

America this, Amer that. Liberty this and Freedom that.

Flags, Family and Fluff.

Makes me feel embarrassed that your country was named after an Italian!

Whoops, you're Canadian!

But the problem with the United States is they are just so darned united about everything they do.

Like Canada, we in Italy have the good sense to fight among ourselves, North versus South. Commies versus Free Enterprisers. The Mafioso versus the Masses. The Vatican versus the Muslims. Napoli versus Roma. Milano versus Torino. Firenze versus Siena. Verona versus Venezia. Chianti versus Borolo. Everyone versus Burlesconi. Monaco versus San Marino. Sardinha versus Sicily. Etna versus Stromboli. Pompeii versus Herculaneum. Hannibal versus Flavius Flaccus. Caesar versus Brutus. Roma versus the Etruscans. La Stampa versus La Republicca. Ferrari versus Lamborghini.

With so much to fight about internally, we have no need to pick fights overseas.

Cheers, and Good Mental Health

My bean allergy has been acting up.