Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Paris Hilton

So Im listening to CBC the other day and they were sending up Paris Hilton's new CD. They all put their not so talented claws into her though, for myself, I found it no worse than anything else on the pop charts. I would normally find Hilton-Hate'n incredibly boring and tune out, but on this day I began to postulate: just why does everyone love to pick on her?
Is it because the media is abominably lazy and can't find some other rich, young, weathy people with little or no talent? Im sure there are dozens of richer, younger, less deserving people out there that are ripe for holier than thou treatment by smug and smarmy media commentarians. But then I remembered my Nietche.
Paris is the end of Modernity. There are no ethics for Paris to violate. No systems of rules or conventions for her to follow or not follow at her peril. Paris just does whatever she wants. Paris represents not just the death of God, but the death of the Protestant Work Ethic, the death of Meritocracy, the death of Consequences. Curiously, I think people people recognize this in her and resent the fact that they themselves are still (philosophically) Nietche's antiquaited whipping boy. They see themselves clinging to Modernity's dried teat and resent her for it. For better or for worse, Paris Hilton is the only true Post Modern woman.

Post Script: Couldn't people lay off Britney as well!?

capsulitis kickmyassis

my apologies to those I did not see in Saskatoon during my brief stay. After getting my arthrogram/mri , I returned to saskatoon for a wedding and then up to the lake and then Suzanne packed my things and brought them to Calgary where I am writing from now.
It seems from the results now that I have adhesive capsulitis in the shoulder joint which is basically extraneous tissue growing around the ball and socket causing imobility. Im just waiting now for a specialist to determine whether the joint needs to be surgically reorganized and mod'ed