Wednesday, April 13, 2005

what I thought about at work today

Today I was imagining that for some reason, everywhere on earth and for the last 100,00 years, it was warm and sunny during the day and rain at 8pm every night- without exception. The daily warming and nightly shower were exactly the same every day. I was wondering how that would have changed the way we think? Would we think differently without a constant change in weather? How would that have altered the undulations of culture over the teeming centuries? I thought that it would have a tremendous effect on the development of our culture and enjoyed passing the day away concocting new cultural variants based on this. Comments and scenarios are most welcome.


Biatta of the Acorn said...

You are a much different daydreamer than I am. I daydream about very mundane things. Sometimes VERY mundane things. Perhaps you were meant to be an author or something. Or perhaps you read a lot of those strange fantasy novels with dwarves and elves and things. All I can think that would happen if it rained every night at 8 pm, is that everyone would sleep very deeply, and very well. I suppose that alone would make the world a better place. Talk to you later space cadet.

rainswept said...

I daydream about this too... except it rains every night from 8pm until 8pm the next night, and is only warm and sunny when I'm lying in my cold cold grave

My prediction: without the weather to puff it up, the pretense that 'news' needs a TV show of its own evaporates

Instead of being indistinguishable from 30 minutes of prime time television, news becomes indistinguishable from 30 seconds of diet cola advertising