Thursday, April 14, 2005

symphony book sale

went to symphony book sale in confed mall and made off with a number of swell books. Brainstorming by Denett, a wonderful edition of Candide, some chinese lit, some Edward DeBono, Jane Austin and a lushly illustrated book of ancient maps. In other book news I'm on chapter 3 of House of Leaves. So far I've laughed a bit and got pretty scared once. I suspect that soon enough I won't be able to "shut up about it" as cap'n orange would say.
Spent my day at work building a house on a piece of property I've seen for sale on the riverbank. Unfortunately, even in my head I went over budget and had no money left to furnish the inside. I've begun to think recently that I could make good use of a bit more money. My recent endeavors to own a home have led me to this conclusion. It strikes me as a terribly askew that one has to devote so much energy just to have a place to lay your head down somewhere. Housing is certainly one instance where our capitalist economy leaves much to be desired. It seems like a colossal waste of the inestimable gift of time to devote to procuring funds to own a home. Its a comment on our level of prosperity that people apparently get used to spending half there life's fortune on a home. In light of these ill dealt cards, today is day one of thinking about ways I might make a little more money in order to not spend years paying a bank double the asking price of a modest house.

also just came back from a walk in the snowstorm that's currently swallowing the city. I think I prefer a world with weather.


CaptainOrange said...

Hey, wasn't I supposed to be invited to this by someone we both are aquainted with?

CaptainOrange said...

Gee, I must go to bed too early. I didn't even know it had snowed :(

As to the house...
Is that a note of dispair I hear in your voice? No doubt you have heard this before, but even if you never own that house, you are certainly paying as if you own it.

Look from the landlord's perspective. Would you pay to have someone living in your house? Of course not (opposite sex excepted, perhaps). For the square footage you occupy (vs any of the other tennants) you are naturally paying at least the mortgage value of the property on which you reside.

Does that mean that it is desireable to own a house? Eh? The sure thing, is that you are paying for it whether you own it or not.

rainswept said...

paying paying paying for it

?what is truly costly

and then the_doctor said...

Re unvite to book sale: I had a ride there so I took it but I was thinking of making a QT out of it since there will be a whole new crop of books there by next tuesday. If this suits you, RSVP.

CaptainOrange said...

How late do they stay open?

Biatta of the Acorn said...

Um, what is a QT?

rainswept said...

a Quest Trip

?what's a Biatta of the Acorn

rainswept said... could also specifically be Quest Tuesday