Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Nobel Prize awarded, New Coffee Machine!

Congratulations to Canadian Willard Boyle for sharing the Nobel Prize in Physics for his co-invention of the charge coupled device. A fascinating story of the discovery is worth reading here. The CCD is of course the chip that converts light into a translatable electrical signal. The applications have ranged from medical imaging to astronomy to the ubiquitous digital camera.

Telus announced today that they will be supporting the iphone finally. Telus has been using the CDMA 'standard' which was incompatible with the iphone. CDMA represents half the North American market but just 1% of the rest of the world. We can thank the government protected monopoly for having an antiquated telephone system. More importantly though, Suz and I can definitely see an iphone in our future. Living where we do, Telus is the only provider with coverage in the mountains so we have been very much beholden to CDMA until now.

Our friends Karen and Don recently upgraded their coffee machine and generously gave us their old one. For the last two years, I have be using a bodum . I've relished the results of having the water and the bean seethe for a lengthy socializing period, but the bodum daily clean up was always unsavoury. The new Hamilton Beach is a drip style method which is stored in a heated reservoir. To serve, one simply pushes the cup to the dispenser a la coffee shop. Magnifique!

My brother brought this wonderful location to my attention. Clearly signs of an ancient civilization. Or perhaps relics of an alien outpost.


Kevin Aschim said...

Who among us will be the first to loudly and proudly claim, "I walked all the way from Saskatchewan to Nunavut!" to disbelieving and amazed citizens!

CaptainOrange said...

I've had my iPhone for a couple of weeks now. It is truly amazing. I wish you a speedy aquisition.

I'm not so pleased with your coffee situation. But, since past records indicate that I wont have to drink a cup for 5-10 years, I'll let it slide.

Vincent said...

The Bodum may rule, but no one delivery method is perfect for every occasion... coffee's plurality of virtues and infinitude of suitabilities ensure that!

starcat said...

HB has been supplying me with all my tea needs for years now.

And just this weekend last, I found myself the only person w/out an iphone at several different tables of people. Apparently they are popular?