Tuesday, March 31, 2009

David Suzuki: Televangelist Fraud Artist

A less than bright idea brought to you by the Law of Unintended (but occasionally foreseen) Consequences.

We've all been preached to about getting rid of our light bulbs. The David Suzuki Foundation with others managed to convince the Ontario government to legislate against the little devils. I recall my father, who after thinking over the matter for but an instant realized what took everyone else a couple years: the furnace will have to work harder to make up for less heat in the new bulbs so its all the same except now you have a ton of mercury in the water table from discarded compact fluorescence. When I saw this article about the utility companies confirming this I searched my mental archive of Dad Rants ( meatworld://kitchen table/forums/obvious to me+when will they learn)

Curiously, a spokesdroid for the foundation demonstrates the kind of blind dogma they usually accuse everyone else of having. In addition the foundation zealously and successfully pushed these bulbs into legally mandated occupancy in the marketplace in spite of being a menace to groundwater with their mercury content. After getting a list of who works at the Suzuki Foundation, I learned that the Climate Change department consists of communications people except for 1 research analyst who has no academic credentials. Nice.

These are televangelists.
Who need to think.
Even just a little.
Before they tell everyone else what to do.

And screw everything up more than it already is.

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rainswept said...

Credit where it's due... without the nanny state kindly enforcing Suzuki's vision of virtue he'd be no more than the petty irritant that Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker were.

And also Jim Bakker seems to have learned some humility in prison. I hardly think we will see as much from Suzuki on this issue.