Monday, November 06, 2006

Sir, Your Civilization has entered a Golden Age!

On a scale from 1 to 10, computer technology is finally non-zero! Witness the arrival of the Pentop Computer. There are a few digital pens on the market that optically record your penstrokes but a new product from Leapfrog has made an important leap. It has software in the pen that tutors math, spelling etc. Yes this is cool but here's the best part: You can draw a 'lil calculator on the page and then press the buttons of your drawn calculator to perform arithmetic. Sure, it doesn't really do anything that a 5 dollar calculator cant do- except I can draw it anywhere! Admit it, thats better than alot of technology on board the starship enterprise. Tools that create tools, however rudimentry, is my threshold for the stone age of computing. In terms of the evolution of computers, they've finally crawled from the primal soup. Indeed waiter, there's a Fly in my soup.


The Commisioner and McKay said...

Stomp on the damned thing....before it kills us all!

rainswept said...

I like it!

The Commisioner and McKay said...

My Blog site has been up for only a week or so and I have already received nearly 300 visits.

Mr. Rainswept, your disappointing and underachieving site has been up for years and you have received a paltry 722 visits.

Mr. Daviditron, your fine site (one of my favourites)has received a disheartening 760 visits.

That muffled crash you just heard was my armoured gauntlet being tossed upon my rough hewn ancient oaken desk.

I challenge you both to a contest. Whovever gets to 1000 profile views first shall be declared champion.

I am spotting you both an incredible 500 views in this contest. Not only that, amazed visitors to my site will no doubt be drawn to yours (well at least to Mr. Daviditron's) creating further advantage for you.

I trust as Gentlemen that we will engage ourselves in this contest in the true spirit of fairness and that we will allow the scintillating content of our published works to speak for our triumphs.

Alas, but what of Lixos!

Cheers and Good Mental Health