Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Phenomenology of Republicans

It might seem like the master's got it made: the slave does all his or her work, and recognizes the master's power. The problem is, this isn't the kind of recognition that the master wanted. The master wanted to be recognized by somebody that he or she respects as an equal, as a peer. Instead, the master gets recognition only from a slave, and the master knows that the slave doesn't really respect him or her, but resents and hates the master.

For some reason, elections often remind me of Hegel. And while its often said that nobody ever lost money underestimating the American public, it seems that last Tuesdays election has become the exception that proves the rule. In any case, a hearty "Hazaa!" to those that voted. Its comforting to to know that after years of cowing to the politics of fear and the bizarre false dichotomies presented by Carl Rove and the Republican machine, Americans got a chance to show their metal.


The Commisioner and McKay said...

"The King has been Damned! Free the Soldiers!

rainswept said...

The false dichotomy is shirts and skins, just like in grade 8 phys-ed. The real victors are those who didn't vote. They woke up the next morning with their self respect.

The Commisioner and McKay said...

Mr. Rainswept,

I waited and waited under the Buttonwood tree at dawn for our duel. And you did not show.

I demand satisfaction. Therefore, I shall forgive you if you would be so kind as to permit me to post on your Blog "Little Scratches" so that I do not have to impose on the good Mr. Daviditron.

Now then, you have finally made a very good post: your booklist.

"When the Sky Fell" is a book for the gullible. For the sentient, it is bloody nonsense.

"Fingerprints of the Gods" should not pollute the good works which you have on your shelf. Hancock is a moron, a drug addict and an idiot.

"Hamlet's Mill" is the compelling reduced to the ponderous. Would someone please dispatch an editor to deSantilla. Or an ambulance. Never mind, I think he is already dead.

"Leaves of Grass". Very well done.

I think I shall read "The Structure of the Scientific Revolution". Despite the bad rap that the Catholic Church has, the scientific revolution could not have occurred without it. We shall see.

"In Defense of Elitism" looks interesting especially because I am an elitist. Away with you plebians. Ptah. I spit on you.

And furthermore I move that Carthage must be destroyed.

Cheers and Good Mental Health.

Anonymous said...

I Googled some words that I shall not repeat in the interests of your anonymity but it seems that you are a work of art.

You seem to be on display in galleries all over Europe.

You must tell me if you are travelling to Firenze. I shall have to buy you a drink of whatever artworks of your kind consume - an anti-dusting agent perhaps.

As for myself, I am rather partial to Hemlock.

Cheers and Good Mental Health

PS: I have finally exorcized my hatred of dolphins.

and then the_doctor said...

yes, its true, somehow I have become the poster boy for an international artist and now my image is on display from New Amsterdam to Old Amsterdam. I laugh at the thought that I'm not making this up! But behind the fame is really a simple man with the same hopes and fears as others less well groomed.
I am at a loss to explain the digital connection between my actual name and my blogger identity though, you must be using "GOOGLE PLUS" with 23% more find-it-ness!

Anonymous said...

It was the television story that gave me the clues.

I googled "Kannanskis" (pardon the spllelling) and "treeplanter" and your first name which I think someone called you by somewhere in your comments and voila, c'est vous et tout votre glorie.

You must think I am stalking you. I am. The last person I stalked filled my Peugeot with popcorn. The one before that married me. I am "batting 500" as they say in the US.

You know, I am still really sore about losing the Battle of the Masts.

Cheers and Good Mental Health