Saturday, October 21, 2006

MPAA winning the hearts & minds of youth

Well, my sworn enemy for 2006, the Motion Picture Association of America, provides me with yet more fodder. I wish I could be making this up but no, they have helped the boy scouts concoct a "respect for copyright" merit badge! I stole a page from their press release which contains the usual selfless sob story about how copyright violators are stealing jobs from set electricians making double what they'd make in the private sector. Its hard to be sympathetic. Paying lead actors tens of millions of dollars is hardly an economical business model. While its always been a core value that everyone is entitled to get what they can for their services, its hard to believe that anyone pays this. It seems that declining ticket sales is a sign that star salaries are overdue for a correction. But instead, the MPAA continues with its campaign against copyright infringement to stem the tide of market dissatisfaction, rather than change their product or business model. I wouldn't need to be so cynical if they didn't centre their campaign away from their own declining profits and on to the sob story behind the scenes joe lighting guy. I think I'll order one of the merit badges so if I ever happen to swallow some liquid plumber, I can induce vomiting.


rainswept said...

Fits right in with Citizenship In the Nation, Computers, Crime Prevention, fingerprinting, and Law.

Oh, and true or not, intellectual property is " different from physical property..."

I guess there's no merit badge for grammar.

CaptainOrange said...

This is a bit of a chicken and egg thing here, but perhaps if we stopped paying at the checkout for pictures of superstars in their underwear (or less) they might be inclined to accept a few less millions/movie???

rainswept said...

I fail to see how I can get photos of half-naked celebrities on my own - except maybe Brent Butt.