Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Islam is the new Christianity; Pink is the new Red

"Short is the way, little the labor, which, nevertheless, will repay you with the crown that fadeth not away. Accordingly, we speak with the authority of the prophet: 'Gird thy sword upon thy thigh O mighty one.' Gird yourselves, everyone of you, I say, and be valiant sons; for it is better for you to die in battle than to behold, the sorrows of your race and of your holy places. Let neither property nor the alluring charms of your wives entice you from going; nor let the trials that are to be borne so deter you that you remain here "
-speech by Pope Urban II


The Commisioner and McKay said...

Great. The Crusades get Urban the Second, Richard the Lionhearted and Salahadin.

And who do we get? George Walter Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield starring in “The Three Stooges on the Fifth Crusade”.

“You’ll laugh out loud at the outrageous antics” – Hollowood Reporter

“Take the wife, grampa and the bambinos NOW to see the Stooges on Crusade” – Entertainment Weakly

“The ‘Stooges’ return triumphantly to the big screen – Woooooo Woooooo Wooooo” – Baron Black of Crossharbour

I am readying to gird my metaphorical sword at the prospect of the Bishop of Rome’s impending trip to Byzantium. For I see the end of the Great Schism is nigh and in the spirit of Constantine, Theodosius II and Justinian, we shall see the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire with Ratzinger himself as Emperor. Watch as Ratzinger, rotting teeth gritted in a sinister grin set in a grey wrinkled face, issues Holy Fire from his gnarled hands leading the forces of God to Victory in Holy Battle against the Infidel.

“Cry Havoc and unleash the Dogs of War”, for in the words of Tertullian, “The Blood of the Martyrs is the Seed of the Church.”

You, Cato and I are in agreement on Carthage then...and damn the Bishop of Worchester.

rainswept said...

Two IDEOLOGICAL STANCES are passing time in a historical context without any visible character. They are well-dressed - hats, cloaks, sticks and all.
Each of them has a large leather money bag.
Politics' bag is nearly empty.
Religion's bag is nearly full.
The reason being: they are betting on the toss of a coin, in the following manner: Politics (hereafter
'POL') takes a coin out of his bag, spins it, letting it fall. Religion (hereafter 'REL') studies it, announces it as "heads" (as it happens) and puts it into his own bag. Then they repeat the process. They have apparently been doing it for some time.
The run of "heads" is impossible, yet
REL betrays no surprise at all - he feels none. However he is nice enough to feel a little embarrassed at taking so much money off his friend. Let that be his character note.
POL is well alive to the oddity of it. He is not worried about the money, but he is worried by the implications ; aware but not going to panic about it - his character note.
POL sits. REL stands (he does the moving, retrieving coins).
POL spins. REL studies coin.

REL: Heads.
(He picks it up and puts it in his money bag. The process is repeated.)
REL: Heads.
POL (flipping a coin): There is an art to the building up of suspense.
REL: Heads.
POL (flipping another): Though it can be done by luck alone.
REL: Heads.
POL: If that's the word I'm after.
REL (raises his head at POL): Seventy-six love.

The Commisioner and McKay said...

Beautifully and dramatically said my wet and windy one. You would have done yourself proud to spend more time setting the mood, describing the atmosphere and perhaps orchestral suggestions.

I would have added another character to your drama. The character's name is MON. MON cannot really be seen as he is in the shadows - he is like a ghost but POL seems to look towards him now and then for affirmation and approval.

But very, very well done.

As for drinks, I prefer Hemlock.

The Commisioner and McKay

rainswept said...

Naturally all credit properly belongs, with thanks, to Tom Stoppard and, to a lesser extent, the ongoing sorrow wraught on humanity since the invention of the Word.

The Commisioner and McKay said...

Tom Stoppard (entered into Wiki), check Filmography (scan, read scan)

Good Grief man!

Three Men in a Boat! The Bourne movies! and my top fave movies - Brazil and Empire of the Sun! Why this man is a bloody genius!

By the way 'Empire of the Sun' features a very young Christian Bale. I'll bet you knew that.

This weekend I hope to enter my first ever REAL log on my Blog. I detest visitors because I have to clean and cook and entertain them but you are welcome to read AND comment on my Blog as is the good Mr. Daviditron who's entries I admire greatly having now read them from start to finish. Mr. Daviditron has excellent philosophical insight with a touch of dryness, an aroma of irony and hints of humour. A wit that has been well cured and aged and best served with strong cheese. (May I suggest Peccorino) As for me, I prefer Hemlock.

Cheers and Good Mental Health.