Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ski trip

Just returned from a week of skiing in the Kootenays. The snow was quite relentless and the terrain was unbelievable! Red Mountain has very few actual runs, instead, the trees have been thinned a little allowing one to ski pretty much anywhere. Having some local guides was quite crucial as rockfaces abound. Without judicious route planing one can easily find themselves peering over the edge of 20-foot cliffs or 70 degree slope faces! The lack of resort facilities and extremely difficult terrain has nearly eliminated tourists which allows one fresh powder almost constantly, truly the shangri-la of skiing! Went to Nelson and managed with some local connections to get tickets to the long sold out Kid Koala concert! This Nija Tunes artist put on a turntable clinic and left all exhausted and utterly satiated. A few more days of skiing and some high-stress table hockey at night capped off a trip that my legs will be sore over for another week at least! I'm hobbling around like a ninety-year old arthritis victim!


leisterbrau said...

Sounds awesome. Hope to get up there myself some time. I've heard great things about Red Mountain and Nelson. Check out my blog: socalski.blogpsot.com if you're interested.

rainswept said...

I can't believe we were both on Red Mountain last week and we didn't run into each other. What a fluke!

Mehmout ali Agca said...

Dear Mr Daviditron

This is a very interesting picture of you in your polar desert. It appears that you don the same attire, eyewear, headgear and beard as I do to cope with my enviroment.Yet I cannot imagine that this is sufficient to protect you from your unbelievable cold. We find anything less than 20 degrees to be very uncomfortable yet I see on the internet for you that daytime high temperatures average -5 to -10 degrees! I take solace in the belief that you would find our 40 degrees intolerable. This is rather warm. For me, the perfect temperature is around 32 degrees.

Allah ahkbar,
Mehmout ali Agca