Sunday, April 16, 2006

Calgary and back (Now with 80% less Mind & Spirit!)

Went to Calgary to help Suzanne find an apartment in the tightest rental market in Canada. Most every viewing we went to was peopled with other stressed out potential renters. Though I must admit, much like how bears co-operate when feeding on salmon, it was fairly civilized when it could have been much more cut-throat.

This is a bookstore in Calgary, I know it looks like some weird advertisement for ING Direct.

Enjoyed some fine sushi at the Sumo Lounge, watched the excitement level build on the so called "red mile" for the Flames game that evening, and even found some time to do some breakdancing in the country as the picture will attest to.


rainswept said...

Trouble for the doctor - can he really afford to lose 80% in any of those categories?

One symptom of drastic mind, body & spirit drop is a tendency toward badlands breakdancing. As you might surmise, this condition is rarely diagnosed.

CaptainOrange said...

After reading Mind Hacks, Dave must be trying to put the lie back in the 10% brain-use myth.