Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Day in the Mountains

Perfect conditions yesterday in the Main Range. Waist deep fresh snow overnight, low avalanche hazard and an expert guide led me to the mountain pictured here. Whitehorn 2b is it's rather unromantic designation. My ski descent route I've drawn in yellow.

Earlier, I got some technical instruction which improved my skiing dramatically. That being said, it was the most difficult skiing I've done. As with many things, one of the hardest parts was the initial commitment to go over the edge which was every bit as steep as it looks. Waiting for me at the bottom was the gift of accomplishment which on this day was super-sized. The other gift, I just today received- hobbling around quite stiff from hiking in deep snow added to that was the descent which used more leg muscles than I normally use in a month!


CaptainOrange said...

Wow! What was your vertical change there and how long did the decent take? I'd try it, but it looks to be a bit harder than the 'green' slope at Table Mtn.

and then the_doctor said...

Vertical change was 1300ft or 400m if you prefer. I couldn't really tell you how long it took- bit of a time warp effect. I managed to stop once to pick my way through some cliffy bits but the bulk of it was too steep to stop so it didn't take long to get down.