Monday, April 27, 2009

Endangered Species

I copypasta'd the BIG 3's 2009 SUV models into a lovely collage. When you see them all together its hard to imagine that this industry is surviving in its present form. I doubt enough debt holders will bite on the equity swap proposed by GM to keep it out of bankruptcy. Now, I don't know much about marketing, perhaps excess product differentiation is the key to selling cars, but 30 models of SUVs from 3 companies seems pretty stupid.

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rainswept said...

I agree. I also question the wisdom of responding to a drop in consumer demand by bundling products and services to increase value, rather than making changes in product design and production processes to create a concrete drop in prices.

As Barry Loberfeld said "If American CEOs don't consider it their patriotic duty to charge lower prices, then it's damn well not our duty to pay higher ones."