Friday, January 23, 2009

Private Members

News item: Catholic church has own Youtube Channel

The Catholic church has decided to get its own youtube channel. I'm not sure if what the church can offer that can possibly trump mentos in diet coke. Perhaps the pope having a dance-off with Napoleon Dynamite. A spokespope said that they wanted to show that the church is no longer "in the middle ages."
Catholics believe in evil spirits possessing people, invisible all powerful man/god/ghost beings and miracles. If youtube is going to save them from being thought of as intellectually backwards, maybe miracles are possible after all.

For a proper image upgrade, see this Brilliant brand redo from Monkey Dust.
(Skit starts @ 0.56)


News item: NDP private members bill: Airline Passenger Bill of Rights

Thats right, an airline passengers bill of rights. Its hard to believe these guys come in last in every election. Where can I get in line to put forward my Diner Patron's bill of rights to ensure that careless line cooks aren't hard-boiling my sunny-side ups. While we're at it, can the NDP make sure the next movie I go to doesn't waste as much of my time as waiting for a delayed flight? Sheesh.


Suz and I got a slow cooker as a Christmas gift so we've been enjoying our middle class birthright: stew. As pedestrian as it seems, I really am enjoying throwing stuffing it in the morning and being welcomed in the evening to hearty goodness. It's the perfect ally for our weekends when we usually return from adventuring tired and hungry.

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Vincent said...

That is a nice little flash piece, thanks for pointing it out.

As for the Airline Passenger Bill of Rights, it's just another excuse to add more inane regulations to an already overburdened industry.

Oh well, at least Maloway has a job besides crafting worthless legislation.

And slowcookers make really great chili.