Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I watched the Presidential debate last night. John McCain started and ended every sentence with "my friends." Sorry John, but I don't want to be your friend. To lighten the mood after my brush with the icy hand of death that is John McCain's grip on this mortal coil, I made a lolcat of him.


rainswept said...

the_Plow was succinct. She described him as a "doddering old fool".

Debate highlight for me? Within seconds of the none-too-soon conclusion, Anderson Cooper starts right in with how the debate brought out the "stark differences" between the two. I guess that is the official role of the media down there - vigorously preserving the TPI... the Two-Party Illusion.

Or maybe Cooper thinks that how 5% of what is borrowed is spent is "stark".

Frex their obsession with earmarks and entitlements while neither has a peep to say about the $2 billion per day spent on US bases in 151 countries.

And their blather about "environmental issues, like climate change and green jobs" while the Pentagon goes through enough oil in 12 months to "run the entire US urban mass transit system for almost 14 years."

Top it all off with a healthy dollop of completely ignoring the unconstitutional abuses of the Presidency now enshrined in legislation and I think we can all see how important it is for Americans to get our and vote for their favourite wing of the Corporate Party.

and then the_doctor said...

Voting in the US and Canada isn't so much about ideology as aesthetics. The kind of car you drive, the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, and the candidate you support tells the world what kind of person you would have them believe you are. As we know, none of those things really matter though. In style terms, this election is a choice between The Eagles and The White Stripes. One of those is way cooler than the other.

Speaking of imagined differences, the whole "Town Hall format" didn't seem any different than the first "debate" where someone asks a question which serves as an abysmal segway to prepared talking points.

rainswept said...

Ideologically speaking what the electorate down there has to do is refuse to vote for any Democrat or Republican for the next 4 years... depriving the Presidency of its mandate and packing both houses with independents who might spend their time governing rather than lining up to wipe their arses with the constitution.