Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Conan, what is best in life?"

Yesterday, all my troubles did not seem so far away. Loose shale and poor confidence forced me to give up on my attempt on Mt Cory, a climb considered easy by active climbers. But my mood picked up tenfold upon hiking up to Cory pass on the way to circumnavigating Mt Edith. At Mt Edith's base, breezy aspens dot grassy slopes. Leafy underbrush was turning colour and nature seemed more like a postcard than an obstacle. I actually couldn't stop grinning it was so beautiful. It was my periodic payment for all the times that someone looks down their nose at me for not having a permanent job. Having just spent two weeks with Suz's parents which was by all means a lovely time but I bore the brunt of an opinion that work is something noble and the only way to create meaning and security. Well today was one of those reminders that money and class and status can never buy time. As I ambled over the mountains on this picture perfect day in solitude, I was being screamed at in every direction that there is nothing meaningful to me about a life that is not enjoyed to the fullest.


rainswept said... is something noble and the only way to create meaning and security.

Direct first yourself, then the Parents, and then the 99.999% the population that can't see the forest for the Protestant trees to The Abolition of Work (and other essays) by Bob Black.

PS the_Plow is enjoying your post-adolescent photography phase.

CaptainOrange said...

Hail, Dave. I also put up with fair amount of 'down-the-nose-looking' with my 20-25hr work week. However, not as much as I get of wistful and envious looks.

@ Vin: Holy "Modest Proposal", Batman. That was an interesting read. A little US vs THEM in approach for my liking. Naturally, I'm sold on the more play theme. But, neither Work, nor evil, time-mongering bosses are to blame for this predicament. We are.

Vincent said...

You're certainly getting warmer, Captain.

and then the_doctor said...

I thank you for the essay link- much enjoyed.