Monday, February 11, 2008

toe hold

I read with interest in the current issue of Science that lo and behold, ethanol emits as much green house gases as petrol when all inputs are considered. I seem to remember last April blogging the same conclusion based improperly on logic and intuition. Vindication is sweeter than light crude.

For the curious, I present my frozen toe:
As you can see, the nail has turned a lovely blue shade and there is a minor fault or perhaps a subduction spread occurring at the base. Guesses as to when the entire facade lifts off can be made at this address.

Suzanne took me to the theater this weekend. We saw "The Gift of the Coat" by Sean Dixon. The story is of a philanthropist who gives a bum his expensive coat only for same bum to get killed for it by a thief. An iteration of the Law of Unexpected Consequences I suppose. It was technically superb but the lead was a little too affected.

This week we're off to spend the week in Banff. Its sort of a try it on for size experiment to see how it feels as we're contemplating a move out there. Mountain biking, climbing and skiing literally out the back door is the drawing card and amazingly, its slightly cheaper than Calgary and Canmore.

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CaptainOrange said...

I'm holding out for the entire toe to fall off. Longish odds, I'm thinkin', maybe 50:1