Monday, January 21, 2008


Perhaps it will be discovered someday that religion is just a Live Action Role Playing game. That would explain a lot. This week, University of Rome faculty protested the Pope's possible speaking engagement at said university. The punchline was a press release today by the vatican urging the scientists to be more "open to other people's opinion." However, one of the benefits of being a scientist is that you don't have to listen to any opinion - just facts. Tenured professors don't even need to listen. Curiously, when I feel I need to be punished, I read the opinions of others in the letters to the editor in my local paper. the opinions of others make a ready stand -in for a few lashes. Its not quite as punitive as soul-crushing christian guilt, its not as dehumanizing as christian theology, nor is it as disempowering as christian prescriptions, but it does make me feel as though the world is a hellish, wicked place.


CaptainOrange said...

I think the Vatican spokes person probably has a great sense of humor don't you?

Having sat for years in his office reading complaints and receiving calls deriding the church for being narrow minded, he thought, "one day, I'll show them ... I'll show them all!" I imagine he conjured his most whiny school-yard voice bolstered with a sarcastic use of finger-quotation marks as he said "open to others opinions". Someone not present might well imagine crossed eyes and a protruding tongue were involved.

and then the_doctor said...