Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Hexette of Notions

Some thoughts this week:
1) Chocolate milk Must be properly shaken before serving
2) If you took Kurt Russell and left him in a moldy garage over a winter, you'd have Patrick Swayze.
3) Here's a great idea! A heartwarming christmas movie featuring recognizable stars!
4) All the christian right in Alberta will have to pray 23% harder next time they want to elect Ted Morton as the new Premier. Ha!
5) As a testament to my idleness, I now am ranked 112,322th out of 1,400,000 players in the world in my current vice:Unreal Tournament.
6) While the theistic mainstream likes to hold its snout high in the air in contrast to its extremist brethren, I fear tis no better. One can hardly stand on intellectually or morally high ground when one of the primary byproducts of religion is the constriction of thought. Religion shrinks the domain of reasonable explanation down to pert one liners that serve to comfort but also to occlude. A veil is placed over reason, replacing it with promises and fantasy. Apparently this is acceptable provided one is law abiding, but when this same gag placed over reason is used to justify violence, we turn on it and call it extremism of various hyphenated varieties. I mourn for reason. Reason that has been shackled to lies and fantasies in the name of religion. Indeed I draw not the same line of mainstream or extremism. Rather I see a single monolithic impediment to sanity and hope for mankind. Religion is the gateway drug of those who have stopped thinking, or refuse to think. And on that path leads sheep to the slaughterhouse. When we teach our children to believe in fantasies, we are preparing them for a world of horrible ideas leering at them from dark alleys. The great 'isms', like pedophiles preying on societies that have ill prepared themselves to choose ideas with discretion. Religion has a simple relationship with reason: it cuts it in half with a machete and then gives it a band-aid.


Anonymous said...

Magnificently stated!

How interesting that you chose this topic just now. I am developing the same line of thinking but applied to fundamentalist atheists who are equally unwilling to consider certain relevancies but moreso applied to religion in a historical and political context. The conclusions are the same as yours.

And now to more important things. Yes, Swayze is definately fermented Russel best served with strong cheese. As for myself, I am partial to Hemlock.

Have you ever seen "Red Dawn"?... "Red something" anyway... about a group of kids led by a bold Swayze with hints of pepper and leather who rebel against a Russian invasion of Colorado? An example of a really bad movie that somehow, accidently I believe, captured critical elements of the American mythos.

On the subject of really odd movies, I highly recommend Motorama. I also recommend, nay demand, that Lixos be excavated immediately. And I am still fuming over The Battle of the Masts.

Cheers and Good Mental Health and Damn Constant the Second.

PS. Today's word verification is "awkvu". An "awkvu" is a noun of French origin descibing a remote coastal premonitory. In use by Bretons and residents of Saint Pierre.

rainswept said...

A Hexette of comments

1) There is no proper way to serve chocolate "milk"
2) If you took Kurt Russell and left him in a moldy garage over a winter, you'd virtually disembowel the B-movie industry.
3) Christmas has a capital 'C'.
4) If the choice of the Christian right got 26% before he was pushed of the ballot, you need to move.
5) You rank in the top ten per cent? If only Ted Morton were so idle.
6) An opposition between religion and reason? Isn't that like claiming an opposition between night and later that night?