Wednesday, July 19, 2006

world trade center barf-o-rama

Its a big enough world that I'm sure many others share my constant desire to kick nick cage in the teeth. I take solace in this. So when the inevitable cultural hedge fund that is hollywood finally got around to 9/11, they really stuck it to me by placing mr Cage at the helm. A Hedge on wall street usually involves ""selling short" in stock that is a competitor to one you already own. This means that when the stock goes down, you still make money. Its sort of like betting on both teams in the Stanley Cup. I'm sure we can look forward to Cage et al converting sensless and meaningless death into the exact opposite. As Humphrey Bogart said "They got lucky, yesterday they were just two German clerks. Today, they're the honoured dead." Indeed, the Hollywood hedge fund will always salvage cultural profit, even in a bear market.


rainswept said...

What, no link?

I like Nicholas Cage well enough - Face/Off was definitely one of my favourite films, largely due to his scenery chewing.

And anyway, isn't Oliver Stone really the one who's squeezing the teats of this particular sacred cow?

In terms of lining up at the trough, the actors really come last. Try this order:
* Oliver Stone (director/producer)
* Moritz Borman (producer)
* Chantal Feghali (associate producer)
* Norman Golightly (exec producer)
* Debra Hill (producer)
* Donald J. Lee Jr. (exec producer)
* Michael Shamberg (producer)
* Stacey Sher (producer)
and the board of directors of Viacom, Paramount Pictures parent company...
* Sumner M. Redstone
* Shari Redstone
* Tom Freston
* George S. Abrams
* Philippe P. Dauman
* Thomas E. Dooley
* Ellen V. Futter
* Alan C. Greenberg
* Robert K. Kraft
* Charles E. Phillips, Jr.
* Frederic V. Salerno
* William Schwartz
and not least, the blithering blatherskites who will go see the movie 3 times after a brisk session of denouncing the above persons at the coffeehouse.

PS this 9/11 expose and site was mentioned in Vanity Fair, and is sadly interesting.

CaptainOrange said...

Dave probably didn't give a link cause he didn't want to increase interest in the movie. Guess he didn't count on your diligence. Though, he should have counted on you taking him up on a great opportunity to argue about who is to blame for a bad movie (whether we are talking aesthetically or morally).

rainswept said...

Damn straight.

Biatta of the Acorn said...

Hello strange bushmen. May I say, I know nothing of this movie you banter about and may never. Welcome to ostrichville, a serene, nicholas-cage-free place where you can drink coffee and use words like 'barforama' and 'blithering' all-the-day long. That aside, good to hear from you. I will certainly run into you in august.

rainswept said...

Good news ... with Kevin Smith (the Silent Bob guy) sitting in for a recuperating Ebert, 'Ebert & Roeper' gave World Trade Center two strong thumbs up.