Tuesday, November 29, 2005

flux part II

well, I'm off this thursday into the great unknown. I'm doing seismic exploration in the Canadian Wilderlands. I think first stop is some Uranium exploration in Southern Alberta. I will be gone till about the end of December, then home for a short spell. I'm looking forward to it as its new and different, and setting my will against the onslught of a Canadian winter will be a new experience. I'm unsure of the internet situation wherever I get to but hopefully I can provide some updates of my experience. Once again, I leave on short notice so goodbye to all, see you in '06!


rainswept said...


a grinning empty eye-socket moon hoists itself up into the pale evening sky
and hangs there like a day old suicide

a sticky shower of radioactive moonbeams
cascades from the tops of nearby urban structures
causing indiscriminate loss of limb to several innocent passers by
as well as general madness all around


I survey the damage from a muddy trench
in which I have been glued for most of the day
having been inadvertently buried by a bleary eyed tree planter
sometime before dawn

eventually I muster the energy to extricate myself from my predicament
as it is time for me to make my appointed rounds
of all the nearby potential sources of seismic activity
it is my sworn duty to record all the tremors in the area
and convert them into Canadian currency at a secret government installation
whose location is known only to me

later, having acquired enough money to keep myself in the lifestyle to which I am accustomed
I find myself back in Saskatoon
I scan the crowds until I see someone who is obviously insane
and then I follow that person until they go into a building or get into a car
in order to make sure that they don’t do anything crazy

while I am engaged in this pursuit
a nonstop stream of fire trucks and police cars
race up and down the boulevard
sirens blaring
looking for invisible emergencies

no one seems to notice

after a while I move on to the rest of my agenda for the evening
scheduled activities include a short but passionate affair with
a curvaceous mug of my favorite caffeinated beverage

presently I find myself holding court from a bus stop on
the corner of Broadway and 12th
from whence I regale the passing crowds
with my perceptive insights into the nature of reality
an appreciative throng hangs on my every word

it begins to rain
but everyone is concentrating so intently on me
that they are oblivious to the downpour

the water makes me light
I begin to levitate
I float up off the sidewalk and past the top of the telephone pole
a thousand eyes follow me upward
a big black cloud opens up
and I zip through it at full tilt
going faster all the time

look at me
I’m above the clouds
the moon is laughing at me
look at me
the earth is getting smaller
look at me
I’m out in space
look at me
I’m a seismologist

and then the_doctor said...

wow! I bow down at the altar of appreciation whilst chanting this most uncommon litany!

rainswept said...

I'd like to thank all the little people who made this honour possible, but since I became a big star I don't know any.

And of course MC 900 Ft. Jesus and DJ Zero.

And Burt Reynolds.

Biatta of the Acorn said...

Hello Dave. Just thought I'd say hello. Off gallavanting with one of the Epp's I hear.
Have your books.
Will travel.
On foot.

Biatta of the Acorn said...

I also must say to whoever rainswept is that I just had a very good time reading the above.